Common Procedures


Common Procedures

We are able to manage a wide variety of medical procedures ranging from a simple splinter removal to laceration repair to abscess drainage.  The cost of these procedures is based on the complexity of the issue but we will be sure to let you know the price beforehand.  The price of the procedures is all inclusive and we do not add a visit price.  Follow up wound checks are free for one full week following procedures.


Laceration Repair begin at $200

based on size and complexity

Abscess Drainage begin at $200
based on size and complexity

Sebaceous Cyst Drainage - $250

Ingrown Toenail - $225 each

Pap Smear - $175

IUD Removal - $125

Implanon/Nexplanon Removal - $200

Mole Removal - $175 per mole
(includes Biopsy)

Skin Tag Removal - $175 up to four

Genital Wart Removal - $150 up to four

TB Skin Test (TB Test) - $30

Screening Physical Exam - $75

DMV (DOT) Physical - $115

IV fluid administration - 1 liter - $125


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