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The Board Certified Urgent Care physicians at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic can evaluate patients for signs and symptoms of pneumonia, order diagnostic testing, and develop a treatment plan without an appointment. Patients who suspect they may have pneumonia should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Hollywood Urgent Care Pneumonia Treatment

Hollywood Walk-In Clinic Pneumonia Treatment & Care

Pneumonia, an infection inflaming the alveoli (air sacs) in one or both lungs, causes atypical coughing, chest pain, fever and breathing difficulties. Over 50 types of bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites may lead to pneumonia - serious lung infection requiring prompt treatment. Hollywood 


Walk-In Clinic provides excellent urgent care for pneumonia in both children and adults. Consult our pneumonia specialists anytime symptoms arise; appointments unnecessary.


Pneumonia Causes and Transmission  


Many pathogens can infect the lungs' delicate alveolar tissue and cause pneumonia. Common causes include:

  • Viruses - influenza, rhinovirus, adenovirus, RSV 
  • Bacteria - Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae 
  • Fungi - endemic fungi, Pneumocystis jirovecii 
  • Parasites - Toxoplasma gondii


Pneumonia frequently complicates viral respiratory illnesses. Bacteria and fungi more often strike those with weakened immunity. Transmission occurs through:

  1. Inhaling airborne pathogens
  2. Exposure to infected droplets via coughing/sneezing
  3. Bloodstream spread from other infected sites


Close contact facilitates transmission. Outbreaks occur in crowded spaces like schools or hospitals. Pneumonia risk rises with age, smoking, COPD, diabetes or heart disease. Seek medical care if pneumonia symptoms manifest after respiratory illness or known exposure.


Pneumonia Symptoms


Typical pneumonia symptoms may include: 

  • Productive cough with thick, discolored mucus
  • High fever, sweating and shaking chills
  • Shortness of breath, rapid breathing 
  • Sharp or stabbing chest pain when breathing  
  • Loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches 
  • Confusion or disorientation in elderly patients


Monitor symptoms' severity, especially breathing difficulties. Bacterial pneumonia progresses more rapidly than viral forms. Get examined at the first sign of atypical pneumonia symptoms post-illness. Prompt treatment prevents complications.


Diagnosing Pneumonia


Doctors diagnose pneumonia based on medical history, symptoms, vital sign abnormalities and chest imaging. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Symptom onset, duration and progression
  • Exposure to sick contacts, recent travel
  • Chronic medical conditions 
  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications  
  • Vaccination history 


The physician will listen to your lungs for crackling sounds signaling fluid accumulation. We may order:

  •  Chest X-ray - confirms areas of lung inflammation.
  •  Sputum culture - identifies the infecting organism.
  •  Pulse oximetry - monitors patient blood oxygen levels.


Let us know immediately if your condition rapidly worsens before definitive diagnosis.


Treating Pneumonia  


Pneumonia treatment varies by cause:


Bacterial - Antibiotics combat bacteria. We select appropriate oral or IV drugs based on diagnostic results and patient factors.  

Viral - Supportive treatments manage symptoms until it resolves naturally. These may include fluids, fever reducers and cough medicine.

Fungal - Antifungal medications prescribed for compromised immune systems. 


All patients should: 

  • Get extra rest and drink fluids
  • Use humidifiers to ease breathing
  • Take medication as directed
  • Avoid smoke and allergens


Monitor symptoms closely and return immediately if breathing problems worsen or persist longer than 2-3 days on antibiotics. Viral pneumonia typically improves within a week. Most forms clear within 2-4 weeks with proper medical care.


Preventing Pneumonia


You can reduce pneumonia risk through these lung-healthy practices: 

  • Get recommended pneumonia vaccines 
  • Wash hands frequently and disinfect surfaces
  • Avoid close contact with sick individuals
  • Don't smoke and minimize exposure to pollutants
  • Manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, COPD
  • Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly


Stay vigilant following respiratory illness and consult us at any sign of pneumonia. Prompt treatment ensures the best outcome.


Pneumonia Emergency Warning Signs


Seek urgent Hollywood Walk-In Clinic care or call 911 if pneumonia causes: 

  • Severe shortness of breath or chest pain
  • Respiratory rate exceeding 30 breaths/minute
  • Confusion or slurred speech  
  • High fever over 103°F persisting over 3 days 
  • Blue tinge to lips or nails 
  • Inability to keep down fluids


Rapid medical intervention is crucial with high-risk populations like infants, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. Rely on our reliable and professional pneumonia care expertise!


Hollywood Pneumonia Treatment

Diagnosing the type of pneumonia depends on symptoms of pneumonia reported, physical examination findings, blood tests and chest imaging studies. Treatment of pneumonia fully depends on the type identified through diagnostic testing. Bacterial pneumonia needs quick treatment with antibiotics taken by mouth or injected into a vein to get rid of the infection.


Viral pneumonia can be managed with rest, fluids and over-the-counter remedies to relieve symptoms. Fungal pneumonia necessitates powerful antifungal medications in immunocompromised patients.


Don't delay if you suspect pneumonia - Hollywood Walk-In Clinic provides same-day treatment, no appointment necessary. We conduct rapid triage and testing to verify pneumonia and pinpoint the cause. Treatment may include:


  • Oxygen therapy and breathing treatment 
  • IV fluids and electrolyte replacement
  • Fever reducers like acetaminophen
  • Powerful oral or intravenous antibiotics
  • Nebulized bronchodilators for wheezing 
  • Influenza testing and antiviral medication


Hollywood Pneumonia Care


There exist myriad causes of pneumonia which may include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites infiltrating the lungs' delicate tissues. Those with weakened immune systems face higher risks for contracting pneumonia. Ventilator associated pneumonia can also develop in hospital patients on breathing machines.


Patients recovering from pneumonia should drink lots of fluids, use humidifiers, take all prescribed medications, and stay away from smoke and other things that can irritate the lungs.

Call 911 immediately if severe pneumonia symptoms arise like respiratory distress, high fever, confusion or bluish lips signaling oxygen deprivation. Rapid treatment intervention proves crucial, especially for vulnerable populations like infants, seniors and those with chronic medical conditions.


Rely on the pneumonia care expertise of Hollywood Walk-In Clinic in Los Angeles County for prompt, compassionate treatment anytime pneumonia strikes. Through meticulous diagnostics, appropriate prescription medications, and vigilant monitoring, we aim to stabilize all pneumonia cases and prevent dangerous complications.


Before discharge, we counsel patients on symptomatic management, medication compliance and post-pneumonia lung health to prevent recurrent infections. With proper medical treatment guided by our providers, most pneumonia patients can expect to make a full recovery within several weeks.


Stay proactive against pneumonia by getting recommended pneumococcal vaccines, washing hands vigilantly, avoiding contact with sick individuals and promptly consulting Hollywood Walk-In Clinic at the first sign of any potential pneumonia symptoms. Partnering with us for your pneumonia care ensures the best possible outcome.


We try our best to keep our cash prices as low as possible, but we do also accept most PPO insurance plans. Please see our list of accepted insurance plans to the right.

Hollywood Walk-In Clinic now accepts STRAIGHT MEDI-CAL, and CERTAIN LA CARE GROUPS found here.

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