Hollywood Walk-In Clinic

Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic located in Hollywood, CA

Patients suffering from asthma rely on the trained doctors at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic on Selma Avenue to intervene during asthma attacks and exacerbations of the disease. Asthma attacks and other urgent needs can be addressed without an appointment at this well-known clinic.

Asthma Q & A

When is it time to go to the emergency room?

Most asthma attacks are successfully treated in the urgent care setting, but any time the symptoms are immediately life-threatening, the patient has the greatest chance of survival in the emergency room setting. Whether the patient is seeking care in the ED or urgent care setting, they should always use their quick-acting medication at the first sign of an attack and then immediately proceed for medical intervention.

How do urgent care doctors support the primary care physician’s treatment plan?

Patients who suffer from asthma typically work closely with a primary care doctor or even specialist to manage their condition. Hollywood Walk-In Clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the patient’s primary care physician has access to all records of treatment at the patient’s request, and electronic medical records simplify and speed the communication.

Patients should bring their medications to their appointment to ensure the urgent care physician knows how the disease is being managed. The urgent care doctor may also recommend that the patient follow up with their primary care provider.

What should patients bring when they come to the walk-in clinic?

Patients seeking treatment for asthma in the walk-in clinic should bring their current medications (bottles are always preferred over a list) with to ensure continuity of care. They should also bring a photo ID, an insurance card if they carry medical insurance, and a form of payment to cover copayments or self pay fees.

What interventions are used to treat an asthma attack?

The experienced team at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic uses a variety of interventions, customized for patient needs, which may include:

  • Short-acting beta-agonists through an inhaler or nebulizer
  • Oral corticosteroids to reduce inflammation in the lungs
  • Bronchodilators
  • Oxygen

In rare cases when intubation or mechanical ventilation are required, the patient is stabilized and transferred to the emergency department.

What are the benefits of seeking treatment at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic?

Many patients find convenience in Hollywood Walk-In Clinic’s flexibility, extended hours, and reduced fees. A visit to the emergency room can be several times the cost of an urgent care visit.


We try our best to keep our cash prices as low as possible, but we do also accept most PPO insurance plans. Please see our list of accepted insurance plans to the right. Please note that we are not currently in network with Medi-Cal plans but we will soon be! If you do not see your insurance plan listed, please call us or email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Worker's Compensation patients welcome. Please bring your claim number with you for your visit (provided at your workplace.

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