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Need Abscess care in Hollywood CA? Abscesses - pockets of pus and infection accumulating under the skin - often arise after minor injury allows bacteria ingress. Ranging from mild to severe, abscesses require proper drainage and treatment to prevent complications. As seasoned abscess care experts, Hollywood Walk-In Clinic provides compassionate incision, drainage and follow-up for all types of skin abscesses. Consult us anytime an abscess emerges - no appointment required for urgent needs.

Hollywood Walk-In Clinic Abscess Care and Treatment Q & A

What Causes Abscesses?

They frequently stem from a break in the skin enabling bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus to penetrate deep tissue. Causes include:

  • Cuts, scrapes, or puncture wounds
  • Splinters, animal bites, injections
  • Boils, acne cysts or pilonidal cysts
  • Surgery, medical procedures 


Foreign debris or damaged oil glands may also instigate abscess formation. Individuals with diabetes or compromised immunity face higher risk. Seek medical care at the first sign of a swollen, reddened, painful mass under the skin.

Recognizing Abscess Symptoms

Typical symptoms involve: 

  • A dome-shaped, fluid-filled lump under the skin
  • Pain, tenderness and redness around the mass
  • Warmth radiating from the area
  • Swelling across the broader region
  • Fever, fatigue and generally feeling unwell 


Monitor for rapid abscess expansion or worsening symptoms suggesting a spreading infection. Prompt drainage provides relief and prevents serious complications.

Diagnosing Skin Abscesses

Our providers diagnose through:

  • Visual inspection - characteristic appearance confirms diagnosis.
  • Physical exam assessing swelling, tenderness and fluctance.
  • Medical history - duration, associated symptoms, risk factors. 


We may order blood tests checking for elevated white blood cell count indicating infection or blood glucose levels in diabetics prone to abscesses. Imaging like CT or ultrasound scans occasionally used for deep tissue abscesses. Rest assured our seasoned clinicians can recognize most abscesses at a glance.

Pus Draining and Treating Abscesses

The primary abscess treatment involves drainage to remove the infectious contents providing immediate relief. We numb the area then make a small incision, gently applying pressure to empty the cavity. Treatment also includes: 

  • Irrigating with sterile saline to flush out debris
  • Packing gauze into deeper cavities to prevent premature closure
  • Sending drained fluid for laboratory analysis
  • Prescribing oral antibiotics to resolve remaining infection
  • Recommending hot water to create warm soaks and compresses to encourage further drainage 


Follow all discharge care instructions closely to support proper healing. Smaller abscesses may heal after lancing without drainage. But larger or recurrent abscesses warrant full drainage and antibiotics under our care.

Home Care Abscess Treatment

Small, superficial abscesses sometimes resolve with conservative home treatment: 

  • Apply warm, moist heat compresses to promote natural drainage
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers for swelling and discomfort
  • Gently wash with antibacterial soap and keep area clean
  • Avoid squeezing or puncturing abscess yourself
  • Take pain medication when needed 


Monitor for worsening and seek medical treatment if: 

  • Abscess grows larger or more painful
  • Redness/swelling spread
  • You develop fever or enlarged lymph nodes
  • No improvement after 2-3 days of home treatment 


Don't risk complications - our skilled clinicians provide safe, effective abscess drainage for long-term healing.

When To Seek Emergency Abscess Care

Promptly call your doctor, consult Hollywood Walk-In Clinic, or go to the ER if you experience: 

  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Dizziness, confusion or fainting
  • Severe pain or rapid swelling
  • Abscess on the face, spine or genitals
  • Fever over 101°F, chills, shaking
  • Red streaking from site signaling blood infection
  • Significant pus or foul odor from drained wound 


Abscesses in vulnerable areas or releasing toxins into the bloodstream constitute medical emergencies requiring urgent care. We provide around-the-clock treatment for any abscesses with concerning or worsening symptoms.

Abscess Follow-Up Care

Follow these tips while recovering from an abscess drainage procedure: 

  • Keep drainage site clean using soap and water
  • Change dressings/bandages regularly
  • Apply antibiotic ointment and gauze packing as directed
  • Take prescribed antibiotics fully even after feeling better
  • Limit activity allowing wound to heal
  • Apply warm compresses to encourage additional drainage
  • Avoid shaving over area until healed


Monitor for signs of recurrent infection like new pus drainage or swelling. Notify Hollywood Walk-In Clinic promptly about any non-healing wounds or a abscesses open in the same spot. We'll assess for underlying causes requiring further treatment. Don't neglect follow-up care - proper healing prevents future abscess episodes.

Where to get Abscess Care in Los Angeles County?

Don’t endure unnecessary discomfort from abscesses. Hollywood Walk-In Clinic offers prompt, compassionate dental abscess care seven days a week. Our knowledgeable providers drain abscesses, control infection risks and support proper healing. Just walk in or call anytime an abscess requires urgent evaluation - we're always ready to help. Feel better with abscess treatment you can trust! 


We try our best to keep our cash prices as low as possible, but we do also accept most PPO insurance plans. Please see our list of accepted insurance plans to the right.

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