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Your Ally in Concussion Recovery at the Sports Concussion Clinic in Los Angeles

At Hollywood Urgent Care, we recognize the challenges individuals face following a concussion. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive and empathetic care, guiding you through every step of the recovery process. As a leading concussion clinic in the Los Angeles area, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to concussion care, ensuring our patients receive the most effective treatment options.

Diagnosing a Concussion at Our Sports Concussion Clinic

To diagnose a concussion, our team at Hollywood Walk-In Clinic, part of the UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program, assesses your symptoms and examines your medical history. Various tests, including computerized neurocognitive testing, may be necessary to assist in diagnosing a concussion. These tests may encompass a neurological examination, cognitive assessment, and imaging procedures.

Neurological Examination: Assessing Vital Functions for Concussion Management

Hollywood Walk-In Clinic conducts a comprehensive neurological examination, essential in managing concussions. This examination entails assessing vital functions such as vision, hearing, strength and sensation, balance, coordination, and reflexes.

Cognitive Assessment: Evaluating Thinking Skills by a Neuropsychologist

A series of cognitive tests, conducted by our skilled neuropsychologists, may be administered to evaluate your cognitive abilities. These assessments focus on memory, concentration, and information recall, crucial in understanding the impact of a concussion.

Imaging Procedures: Insights into Brain Health by Sports Neurology Experts

For individuals displaying severe concussion symptoms, imaging tests might be recommended. These tests aim to identify potential bleeding or swelling within the skull and are a critical part of our multidisciplinary approach to concussion treatment.

Observation: Monitoring Post-Diagnosis in Our Concussion Clinic

Following a concussion diagnosis, observation is crucial. Depending on the severity of symptoms, hospitalization for overnight observation may be necessary. Our concussion clinic provides care to current and former military service members and offers a comprehensive treatment program.

Treatment Strategies for Concussion Recovery: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Recovery from a concussion involves various strategies aimed at promoting brain healing and expedited recovery. Our multidisciplinary team, including sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers, works closely to provide individualized concussion treatment.

Physical and Mental Rest: A Key in Concussion Treatment

During the initial phase of post-concussion, physical and mental rest is paramount. Our approach to concussion includes limiting activities that worsen symptoms and gradually resuming daily activities as tolerated.

Pain Management: Neuropsychological Considerations for Headache Relief

Headaches are common post-concussion. Our team, including neuropsychologists and neurology experts, consults with patients for safe pain relief options, crucial in concussion management.

Preparing for Evaluation: Guidance from Sports Medicine Experts

Preparing for a medical evaluation post-concussion is crucial. Our team of sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers ensures that you're ready for this important step.

What to Expect During Evaluation at Our Sports Concussion Clinic

Expect thorough inquiries about the injury and associated symptoms during your evaluation. Our sports concussion clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to quickly diagnose and manage your condition.

Immediate Pre-Appointment Precautions: Advice from a Leading Concussion Clinic

Before your appointment, refrain from activities that may intensify symptoms or risk further injury. Our clinic's multidisciplinary team, including sports neurology experts, will guide you in this crucial phase.

Conclusion: Optimal Recovery with Comprehensive Concussion Treatment

In conclusion, prompt and comprehensive evaluation post-concussion is essential. By adhering to medical advice and adopting our clinic's individualized approach to concussion care, patients can navigate the recovery process with confidence.


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