We are able to run most labs tests and the most common labs are available the next day.  Our patients are provided with a link and an access code so that you may access most labs from home.  You can view, download and print from our interface.  

Labs are drawn and sent from our clinic during your visit. You do not even need to leave your exam room! 

Here is a short list of our most commonly requested labs:

STD Panel $125

(HIV, Urine Chlamydia, Urine Gonorrhea, Syphillis, Herpes Type 2)

All inclusive STD Panel with Oral and Rectal Swabs $250

(Above panel with added Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Rectal and Oral Swabs included)

General Health Assessment Panel $75

(CMP, CBC, Cholesterol Panel)
This panel gives a good overall general screen for such issues as anemia, diabetes, high cholesterol, liver and kidney issues

Most lab tests are available.
Prices vary based on the test.
Please call, email, or inquire at front desk.

We can run, literally, hundreds more – please e-mail for specific labs or pricing questions.  


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