There are several criteria that we will use during the examining of your wound in order to decide whether or not you may needs stitches - size, depth, shape, location and whether or not it is bleeding are a few of those reasons.

Stitches Q & A

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What are the benefits of stitching a wound?

To promote discourage infection

Your skin acts as a protective barrier from the outside world and all the bacteria that live in it.  When you cut your skin, you expose what lies beneath to the environment and this leaves you more susceptible to developing wound infections.  By stitching, or suturing, the laceration the risk of infection is lessened. 

To reduce scarring

When you cut your skin, it generally gapes open or creates a flap.  If allowed to heal as it appears, it can leave a large or unsightly scar.  When the wound is stitched, or sutured, back together it generally heals with much less scarring.  Wide scars become narrow scars and irregular wounds can be put back together like a puzzle.

To stop bleeding

Certain areas of your body have more blood vessels running through them and tend to bleed a lot more when your skin is cut.  Scalp and hands are and example of two of these areas.  If a wound is small and looks as if it may heal just fine if left alone, bleeding can still be a problem.  If the blood just won’t stop oozing, then we tend to suture those wounds closed in order to control bleeding. 

To promote healing

Wounds tend to heal much quicker and easier when sutured closed.  When the wound edges are pulled together these edges wound will heal back together faster since the body doesn’t have to bridge the gap between the wound edges as it heals.


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